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From the beginning, dedication and hard work have been Mrs.Younesi’s number one virtue. Katy was only 17 years old when she started her undergraduate studies with a full scholarship at New York University. She later transferred to Los Angeles for her bachelor’s degree in Biology. Soon after she began her master’s program and graduated with top honors with a major in Science and a minor in MBA.

Her path was changed when the CEO of the hospital she was interning for declined her request to be hired as the administrator. Although she was overqualified based on her multiple degrees, she was still denied due to her young age and gender. So, they suggested that she should add a law degree to her long list of achievements.

Katy graduated law school at the age of 26 and right away started her legal career. As a young lawyer, she dabbled in many different fields of law, such as; Adoptions and guardianship; Estate planning; Family law; Personal injury; Corporations and partnership disputes; Water damage lawsuits; and Civil litigation.


She narrowed it down to:

Civil Litigation

Partnership Disputes

ADA Compliance violation Lawsuits

Personal Injury

Entertainment Law


Katy’s strong litigation skills and expertise in the entertainment industry made her stand out as one of the best entertainment lawyers in Los Angeles. She has represented famous artists, producers, composers, and many Persian radio and television stations.  She has also represented investors for big concerts in large venues, such as Microsoft Theater, Dolby Theater, and the Persian concerts in Las Vegas.

Katy has recovered millions of dollars for her clients over the years and holds the record for the highest settlement in a water damage case against the city of Los Angeles.

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Civil law, also known as common law, is a broad branch of legal practice dedicated to settling disputes between two quarreling parties. When a settlement cannot be agreed upon without third-party involvement, pursuing a Los Angeles civil litigation attorney might be your next best option.  Promptly discussing your individual situation with an attorney can offer you insight into what the legalities in your particular case are and what rights you have under the law. Seeking legal retribution can help you gain either monetary support or modified behavior for your suffering. Because a civil suit is not a criminal matter, the “losing” party will not go to jail.

Partnerships are business structures in which two or more parties operate as co-owners without registering as a limited-liability company or a corporation.  Being the simplest method of starting a business with other parties, it can also become the most complicated.  In creating a partnership, it is best to create a partnership agreement that outlines the essential information about critical aspects of the business agreement, such as profit sharing, intellectual property, and the hierarchy of authority.

Since the American With Disability Act (ADA) was enacted in 1990, ADA regulations, enforced guidelines and accessibility standards targeting small businesses and corporations. The cost of litigation for these compliance cases can be devastating for any small business. It’s very important and essential for the owners to make sure they are compliant with all these changing regulations and there are many expert plaintiffs in this area of law that will just visit the property to find any small issues such as the distance of the mirror to the floor or the toilet paper dispenser’s installation of 1/2 inch further than the actual standard. Our firm vigorously defends your rights against any and all frivolous claims from these ghosts or professional plaintiffs.

Personal injury deals with individuals or families who are seeking compensation for wrongful harm caused, resulting in permanent emotional, physical, and/or financial strain.You got injured, we will fight for your pain. Our law firm is all about quality of legal service and not the quantity of the cases we can take in. Our senior attorney will talk to each and every single client and no client have to wait for days for a returned phone call. Every case is represented under the attorney’s direct supervision and hence the best outcome and settlement have always been reached by our team of experts. A personal injury lawsuit can seek retribution from a single person, a large corporation, or a well-known drug manufacturer. As your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, we seek retribution in cases where you or a loved one were unjustly injured.

We are a boutique law firm using law as a toolbox to obtain the best value and result for our clients. We are our client’s voices in all aspects of negotiations and we reach the best possible deals, suitable for each client, as they come in. We draft, negotiate, review, and advise our clients on different contracts they might have, and we represent all different kinds of clients in the industry whether they are musicians, producers, artists, actors, and/or investors in this field.